Always thinking about food?

Constantly battling with yourself over what to eat?

Feeling disgusted with yourself over food?

Can’t stop at one? 


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I’m Caoimhe Harrison.

I specialise in working with people who have difficulties with food.

I struggled with bingeing, purging and constant dieting for well over a decade. This impacted massively on my confidence. I hated looking in the mirror, I didn’t like myself or my body. I didn’t even want to go out at times, I felt so low.

Having overcome these challenges and armed with my personal and professional experience I now dedicate my life to helping people to feel free around food.

I believe and know that change is 100% possible.

Lots of people think change isn’t possible but as my client Lucy says,

‘Before I started the therapy I literally felt like a little leaf just waving around in the air – Now I feel like a more sturdy little tree stump’. 



Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders & All Food Body and Weight Issues from the British Psychological Society.

BA (Honors) Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Diploma in Health Studies.

EFT Practitioner.

NLP Practitioner.