Caoimhe Harrison

  • Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders & Food, Body and Weight Issues (British Psychological Society)

  • BA (Hons) Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Diploma in Health Studies

  • EFT Practitioner

  • NLP Practitioner


I'm Caoimhe Harrison. I believe and know from both my own personal experience and from working with people in this area every day that change is 100% possible.

I spent well over a decade suffering with a disastrous relationship with food. It affected every part of my life including how I felt about myself. It held me back and made me withdraw from life.

When I eventually understood what was really going on, on a deeper level, things started to really change. My life started to change and I finally got myself to a place of peace and freedom with food. A part of me knew trying diet after diet after diet was not going to give me the change I was looking for. I had to stop looking for the answer where it wasn’t. Once I understood what was really going on for me and addressed it on that I level I was finally able to make a permanent change. The only reason it went on as long as it did was because I really didn’t know what I needed to do. I was lost in it.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering with any food issue you can absolutely be free of it.

You can feel free around food.

You can be at peace.

You can get to a place of love and acceptance with yourself no matter how long you have been suffering otherwise.

You can absolutely have the freedom you are looking for.

Sometimes it’s the first step that is the hardest. Take the first step.

Everything you want is waiting for you.

It is never question of – is it possible to change?

It is 100% possible.

I am extremely passionate about helping others get the change they are longing for.

Sometimes we just don’t know how to get ourselves there or if what we’re doing is bringing us closer to what we want or further away from it.  And this keeps us stuck.

But what you can be sure of is - Change is possible.  You just need to know how.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of this further.

Best wishes,

Caoimhe Harrison

"Without Caoimhe I would not be living the life I live now..............Its the best thing I've ever done". Client - Clara