Without Caoimhe, I would not be living the life I live now.

My mind felt like a knot I couldn’t untie, I felt numb and raw at the same time.

Through our work, Caoimhe unlocked suppressed feelings and emotions, and gave them light, air and time.

She helped me mend the fractured relationship I had with myself and taught me to nurture self-love and self-acceptance.

I learned so much about myself and gained a deep rooted love for myself, instead of trying to reject myself all the time.

I’ve been rebuilt from my head to my toes!

Now that these feeling have lifted, I feel so much lighter and its allowed the space for some pretty spectacular things to happen.

Its been an invaluable journey getting to truly know myself and to be happy in my own skin.

Its the best thing I’ve ever done
— Clara


When I came to Caoimhe I had been uneasy with my body for most of my life.

I had just spent the last 5 years punishing myself with every diet programme under the sun.

Having tried it all, I realised my issues with food ran deep and I began working with Caoimhe. Caoimhe helped me to understand my eating habits and gave me the tools to change them for good.

I stopped dieting, forever, after my first session and while I have had visible results, what’s even better is that I’ve learned to love and respect my body, something I never did before.
— Maria

Thank you Caoimhe, your course showed me a new way forward around food in my life.

Among the many things I learnt was that I have my own “control switch” and that dieting is unnecessary and a backward step.

I am at last content with myself and my body image.
— Jane

“Life is for living”, something I often heard people say but never did to my full potential until after I got help from Caoimhe. For many years I carried around somewhat of a dark cloud - a numbness to life, never really experiencing feelings, good or bad. Instead I channeled all my energy, feelings, thoughts and emotions through a terrible binge purge cycle. Bulimia consumed my life for many many years.

In the past I tried to seek help through counselling but this didn’t last long as I just felt they really had no idea what I was going through. I really wanted to be free from bulimia but I just couldn’t break away from the binge purge cycle on my own so I took to the internet to see could I find help and came across Caoimhe’s number. I really thought at this time I was just going to have to live with bulimia for the rest of my life because no matter what I did I couldn’t break away from the it but from the first phone conversation I had with Caoimhe I found hope and after our first meeting I truly believed this time I could beat my illness.

She just understood everything I was going through from the get go. I really felt at ease and nothing I said remotely shocked or fazed her. Caoimhe explained my illness which gave me such insight and the ability to understand why I couldn’t stop myself. We spoke endlessly about various things and after each session I happily got to know the real me. Of course I still have days where I may struggle or get the urge to go on a binge but the tools she showed me to over come these urges has brought me to a new life, a life now that I live to the max.

I truly couldn’t thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anyone that has issues in this part of their life. It is such an amazing feeling to know I have over come bulimia after it consumed my life for so long and that Caoimhe is only a phone call away should I need her but thankfully I only check in with her to let her know I’m doing great.
— Haley