Who I've Learn't From


Professor Byran Lask

Bryan Lask was Professor Emeritus in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of London and Honorary Professor, Univ. of Exeter, with a special interest in eating disorders.

He was an Honorary Consultant at Gt Ormond St Hospital for Children and Medical Director (Mental Health) for Care UK. Previously he had been Visiting Professor at the Universities of Oslo and British Columbia and President of the Eating Disorders Research Society. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy for Eating Disorders.

He has published 14 books and over 200 papers and has lectured all over the World. He is the founding editor of a new journal ‘Advances in Eating Disorders – theory, research and practice’ and past editor of ‘the Journal of Family Therapy’ and ‘Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry’

Professor Lask taught me the importance of meeting the client where they are at and not forcing them to be any other way.  I really admired the value and importance he put on the relationship he had with his clients. He also taught me Cognitive Remediation Therapy and how beneficial it is in the treatment of anorexia.




Christopher Fairburn

  • Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
  • Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Christopher Fairburn founded and directs the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO) Fairburn has two main research interests; the development and dissemination of psychological interventions, and the treatment of eating disorders.  He has an international reputation in both fields as shown by the award of the AT Beck Prize from the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and the Lifetime Achievement and Outstanding Researcher Awards from the Academy of Eating Disorders.

Fairburn taught me an enhanced form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that is specifically designed for eating disorders. I admired his meticulous and in depth approach when working with each of his clients.



Deanne Jade.jpg

Deanne Jade

Deanne is a psychologist who has worked with eating and weight problems for many years. 

She belongs to The British Psychological Society, The European Health Psychology Society, the National Obesity Forum, The Royal Society of Medicine and an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Obesity. She assisted the development of treatment guidelines for eating disorders and obesity by The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

What impressed me most about Deanne was her extensive knowledge and experience within the area of eating disorders and the psychology behind eating. I knew after training with her that I would never diet again.



Jane Nodder

Jane has an MSc (with distinction) in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey.She has many years’ experience in the training and education of nutrition practitioners, having worked as a Senior Lecturer and Clinic Supervisor at the University of Westminster, London for many years. She is now MSc Course Director at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. Jane also delivers nutrition workshops and training for a range of professional groups. Jane was a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group for Eating Disorders from 2002-2004 and has been our Nutrition Consultant and Trainer since 2004. Jane is a nutrition practitioner who works at the University of Westminster, London as Deputy Course Leader, Senior Clinic Tutor and Senior Lecturer for the BSc (Hons) Complementary Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, and Course Leader for the MSc Nutritional Therapy. She is particularly interested in sports nutrition, nutritional approaches to weight management, eating disorders and hormone function, and has published book chapters on some of these subjects.

Jane imparted a wealth of information to me on how nutrition and our biological processes/chemistry affect our mind and body.



Professor Michael O’Rourke

Ph.D; M.A; M Ed; CMIGC; H.Dip Ed.

Professor O’Rourke is a lecturer at the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin on the Doctoral Degree in Counselling Psychology and at the Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, IICP, on the B.A. (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Director of the M.Ed Degree in Educational Guidance and Counselling in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, from 1992-2012, Professor O’Rourke is currently Academic Consultant and Senior Lecturer at The Military College, The Curragh, from 2005-to-date. His research interests include Advanced Counselling Psychology; Grief, Bereavement and Loss; The Psychology and Aetiology of Suicide; Multiculturalism and Cross-Cultural Historical Contexts.

Professor O'Rouke taught me the history and development of psychotherapy through pioneers such as Freud, Yung, Rogers and Maslow.


Tony robbins.png

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.

Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs. He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars.

One of the things that really impressed me about Tony was his attitude and energy in the room. He taught me that anything is possible once you change your mindset around it.